When the Bible Meets the Sky

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When the Bible Meets the Sky

The Star of Bethlehem and Other Mysteries

by Dr. Frederick W. Baltz

This book examines what modern astronomy can tell us about some of the heavenly events recorded in Scripture. It connects the dots between the biblical texts and the science that supports it.  Some questions explored include:

  • The Star of Bethlehem... What was it? Did political intrigue in Parthia send Magi to Judea in search of a "universal king" whose star had risen?
  • How did the sun "stop" so Joshua's army could complete their victory at the Battle of Gibeon?
  • Has a solar eclipse become proof of the biblical Exodus?
  • Did the sun's shadow really move backward on the steps of Ahaz as a sign to King Hezekiah that he would be given fifteen more years of life?
  • What did Ezekiel "see" in a vision when he was called to be God's prophet?
  • Can we discover a key to the images of Revelation in the sky?

Why does it all matter? What does it all mean? The faith-affirming answers to these questions and more await you within this book. Join Dr. Frederick Baltz to investigate mysteries that arise when the Bible meets the sky.

(Softcover; 160 pages)

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