Trusting the Word and Nothing Else at All

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Trusting the Word and Nothing Else at All:
Luther's Design for Evangelical Preaching

by Perry Toso

Preaching is as dangerous and as exhilarating as careening down some class IV rapids. It is dangerous because, in the Old Testament, God prescribed the death penalty for preaching one’s own opinion when called to speak God’s Word. The pulpit is no casual or safe place! But preaching is also exhilarating because God places his creative, life-giving word right into your mouth. And though you don’t know what will happen next, something that God appointed will definitely happen when you, the preacher, say what God authorizes you to say.

At a time when the Word of God is casually avoided or actively silenced, it is more important than ever to stress the power at work when God speaks. This book not only reminds preachers of the importance of proclamation, it helps lay readers to know what to listen for. 

 (Softcover; 202 pages)

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