The Sacraments (Leader's Guide)

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The Sacraments

Leader's Guide

This Leader’s Guide (C-7025) is intended as a supplement to accompany the core Student Workbook (C-7020). To lead a class, all teachers need to have a copy of the Sacraments Student Book (go HERE to order). 

The Leader's Guide provides introductions to each session, takes the leader through the lessons in the Student Book, providing an "answer key" to the Bible Study and Catechism questions. It also includes suggestions for how to incorporate intergenerational discussion into each lesson (for home or in class). The final section of the Leader's Guide includes reproducible weekly Catechism quizzes, as well as three end-of-unit study sheets and tests.

The Sacraments book is a ten-week unit, which includes sessions on Baptism, Communion, and the Office of the Keys. The Bible Study lessons in the Sacraments series emphasize the connection between Old and New Testaments, by drawing on sacramental themes foreshadowed in familiar OT stories, and how the promises of God "for you" are expressed and fulfilled in Christ.


Session 1: Means
Session 2: Authorization
Session 3: Promise
Session 4: Faith
Session 5: Repentance
Session 6: Forgiveness
Session 7: Remembrance
Session 8: Presence
Session 9: Covenant
Session 10: Worthiness

About the Sola Confirmation Series:

Written by the Rev. Steven E. King, the Sola Confirmation Series is basic work-book style Confirmation curriculum, is designed to serve as a simple and practical resource for teaching the biblical Word of God according to the traditional pattern of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. Each book in the series can be used as the basis for a “come as you are” small group Bible study, as a student book for home school or independent study programs, or as a classroom tool and homework resource as part of an existing confirmation program. Click OVERVIEW to download a pdf sheet describing the program, including an outline of session topics.