The Great Commissions - Leader's Guide

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The Great Commissions:
God's Call to Make Known the Gospel

Sola's "Thinking Like Scripture" Series - Studies in Biblical Theology

by the Rev. Steven E. King

When we speak of the "Great Commission," we usually think of Jesus' words at the end of Matthew's Gospel. But there are actually several places in the New Testament that describe the commission we have been given to speak and act, bearing witness to the truth of the gospel message. All these biblical articulations convey the same charge and calling, but each adds something important to our appreciation and understanding of the mission to which we have been called.

This six-session Bible study draws from all four Gospels, as well as the book of Acts and the writings of Paul, to focus on the calling that Jesus has given us and how it works in our everyday lives.

Table of Contents
1. The "What" of Mission (Matthew: The Great Commission of Christ)
2. The "Where" of Mission (Mark: Our Mission to the Whole World)
3. The "How" of Mission (Luke: Repentance and Forgiveness of Sins)
4. The "Who" of Mission (John: God's Personal Call to Each of Us)
5. The "With" of Mission (Acts: Empowered by the Holy Spirit)
6. The "Why" of Mission (Paul: Being Ambassadors of Reconciliation)

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