The Forgotten King

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The Forgotten King

by Tom Hilpert

The land of Galador was once ruled by a great King and his two remarkable servants. The ancient legends say that the King and his servants were immortal and the time of their rule was known as the Golden Age. But the Golden Age was centuries ago now and, if there ever was such a King, he and his servants have long since passed into history.

Tal, a young hunter, has not given much thought to these old stories until his home is destroyed by mysterious raiders. As he searches for answers, he is swept into a world of danger and surprise. Before his very eyes he sees the old legends come to life and he finds himself caught in the middle of an ancient struggle between two immortal foes.

While he struggles to grasp this new reality, he finds that he, too, has a destiny to fulfill and the fate of the world may hang on his choice...

(Softcover book; 304 pages)

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