The Feast of Victory - Student Workbook

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The Feast of Victory

Preparing for First Communion

Student Workbook, by Laura Langhoff Arndt

The Feast of Victory is a basic course on the Lord’s Supper for those who are preparing for receiving the Sacrament for the first time. It is designed for students in 5th grade. The information is told in a narrative fashion with Scripture and thoughtful questions, leading students to an understanding of the mysterious Sacrament. Lessons can be read and understood easily and can be taught by the pastor or by the parent.

Table of Contents:

Lesson 1:  The Fall  (Why We Need Saving)
Lesson 2:  The Law  (Why We Cannot Save Ourselves)
Lesson 3:  The Gospel  (God's Plan to Save Us)
Lesson 4:  The Meal  (How God Nourishes Us)
Lesson 5:  The Exam  (How We Prepare)
Lesson 6:  The Gifts  (How We Are Blessed)

(full-color, softcover; 24 pages)

Go HERE for the accompanying Leader's Guide (C-3015).

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