The Biblical Tell-Tale Timeline - Leader's Guide

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The Biblical Tell-Tale Timeline

Leader's Guide by Dr. Harry Wendt

This booklet, The Biblical Tell-Tale Timeline, was written to guide leaders and presenters through the Timeline of the Scripture, focusing on a series of biblical illustrations representing the sequence of time periods in biblical history. This booklet also serves as a leader's guide for the main chapters of the Student Manual: The Bible's Big Story; Our Story.  The Leader's Guide provides discussion questions (and answers) for each Scripture graphic, to help students reflect on what they are learning as they go.  The series can be used as an introductory course over a few consecutive weeks, or it can be used as the basis for a half-day workshop or retreat.

A NOTE FOR LEADERS: All Presenters and Group Leaders should have a copy of the "The Biblical Tell-Tale Timeline" Leader's Guide, along with a copy of the "The Bible's Big Story" Student Manual (with timeline). In the DVD "The Bible for Busy People" Harry Wendt explains the timeline. There is also a large Wall banner version of the Timeline available, as well as a PowerPoint presentation that leads participants through each graphic.