See Through the Scriptures - DVD

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See Through the Scriptures ®

Video DVD by Dr. Harry Wendt

Understanding the Bible can be daunting. See Through the Scriptures makes the Bible more accessible by taking readers step-by-step through the entire biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation, putting everything in clear context. With 44 full-color teaching graphics designed to help people grasp and remember the key events and concepts of the Bible, students gain a new appreciation for everything that preceded Jesus in order to more fully understand the deeper meaning of His ministry and message of love and servanthood.

Use these DVDs to assist you in teaching or preparing to teach your class.  In this video series, the Rev. Dr. Harry Wendt discusses all 44 illustrations of See Through the Scriptures, offering additional insights. The DVD is perfect for those who would rather facilitate than teach. It is also suitable for training small group leaders to lead the study on their own.

2 DVD's included: Split into eight 30-40 minute sessions; Total Recording Time: 5-1/2 hours.

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