Rediscovering the Christian Faith

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Rediscovering the Christian Faith

Book by Pastor Kent Groethe

The Church in the West is under attack. Worldviews and philosophies contrary to the truths of Scripture are exploding, capturing the minds of millions -- even within the Church. Whole denominations are abandoning evangleism and world missions because they no longer believe others need to know Jesus.  Many seminaries are causing students to doubt basic Christian beliefs as well as become skeptical about the reliability of the Bible. Individual believers are reading Scripture and understanding basic Christian beliefs less and buying into cultural values more.

"Rediscovering Christian Faith" is an attempt to re-anchor Christian faith in Scripture as well as clarify many misunderstandings about doctrine and practices. Through helpful diagrams, metaphors, and stories, Groethe explains classical and biblical truth in a way that is memorable and easy to understand.  He will help stimulate new thought about old truths and new ways of explaining age-old doctrines.

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(Softcover; 163 pages)

Bible Alive Ministries

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