Peace Talks

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Peace Talks

The Good News of Jesus in a Donkey Elephant War

by the Rev. David Drum

With the United States more divided than at any time since the Civil War, polarization, mistrust, and blame permeate not only the talking points of Washington and the news media, but also most of our conversations and social media feeds. Yet in a nation with so many claiming to be Christian, shouldn't following Jesus, the Prince of Peace, leave a different landscape?

In the book "Peace Talks," pastor and community developer David Drum 

  • carefully examines how we got into such a mess,
  • boldly discusses some of Jesus' priorities within both political parties, and
  • provides practical guidance for turning your painful and frustrating conversations into productive and fulfilling ones.

If you're searching for a peace that speaks louder than today's cultural shouting match; if you're curious how those with an affinity for Jesus might offer a better way of listening and talking through deeply-held differences — if you're ready for some good news — join David Drum and discover how "Peace Talks."

245 pages, softcover 6"x9" 

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