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2021 Note Regarding the ReClaim Hymnal: Sola Publishing continues to publish the ReClaim Hymnal and support its use as part of our online worship resource (SOWeR). Unfortunately, at this time, hard copies of the ReClaim Hymnal are currently sold out. We need a minimum order of 100 books in order to be able to make a new print run. If you are interested in placing a congregational order, please call our managing editor, Steven King, at 612-605-1565. We will be happy to place a new order.

Recommended Resources for Congregational Worship:

Choral Music and Anthems: For those looking for original music for use in liturgical worship, Sola recommends that you check out the website of composer Kile Smith, at the link HERE. In addition to being a music scholar and radio host, Kile is the "composer in residence" at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia (NALC).

Sola's Online Worship eResource: For those looking for simplified hymn arrangements for use in worship, Sola has included dowloadable scores as part of it online worship resource, available by subscription. SOWeR includes a wealth of resources, including Scripture inserts, liturgies, text studies, hymns suggestions, and children's bulletins.  Click the link HERE for more information.

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