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Website: WordAlone Ministries (www.wordalone.com)
WordAlone Ministries (a 501c3 non-profit ministry) is the parent organization of Sola Publishing, along with a number of other related Christian ministries. Our predecessor, the WordAlone Network, was formerly a denominational reform organization. Since 2010, we have shifted to serving as a provider of congregational resources, focusing on areas such as: Christian education, worship, evangelism, vocation, church development, and discipleship. We also maintain the historical archives for the former WordAlone Network and LEM - Lutheran Evangelistic Movement.

Website: Holy Families  (www.holyfamilytime.com)
Holy Families! is an initiative of the North American Lutheran Church provided through a generous grant from the Thrivent Foundation, in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. Produced by Sola Publishing, this special initiative will include a number of Lutheran discipleship resources for families and congregations.

Website:  Sacramental Discipleship  (www.sacramentaldiscipleship.com)
Sola Publishing has released a major Bible Study series under its Sacramental Discipleship Initiative called "Disciples of the Cross." Written as a resource for small groups, women's and men's groups, or other adult classes, this two-part study approaches the topic of Discipleship through a Lutheran "theology of the cross." Additional resources will be built around the core studies.

Other Friends of Sola Publishing

Listed below are a number of links to our friends and ministry.  Please visit their individual websites for more information:

LCMC - Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ

NALC - North American Lutheran Church

CALC - Canadian Association of Lutheran Congregations

Lutheran Core - Coalition for Renewal

Augustana District - LCMC

Saint Paul Lutheran Seminary

Institute of Lutheran Theology

Life Together Churches  (resources for house churches and mission development)


The Awaken Project (young adult discipleship training and mentoring)

Here are some additional websites and online discussion groups:

Facebook - Sola Publishing

Facebook - Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ

Facebook - Lutheran CORE

Facebook - North American Lutheran Church