Journey to Forgiveness

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Journey to Forgiveness: 21 Milestones to Freedom

Book by David Peterson

What does it mean to forgive? How do we go about it? What are the consequences of refusing to do so?  In his book, David Peterson explores and answers these very questions and more. Pulling insights from his own testimony of forgiveness, David provides rich insight and inspiration into this essential human journey. David’s passion for seeing people walk in forgiveness is tangible from and evident from his time spent learning the process, biblical context, and the science of forgiveness.

Journey to Forgiveness is a hopeful book, perfect for anyone with the desire to overcome trauma, find freedom from unforgiveness and walk in healing with Christ. With twenty-one milestones to journey through, you will be challenged to let your guard down and be honest with yourself, others, and God. Find new life today in the undeniable power of forgiveness!

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(Softcover; 136 pages)

About the Author:  Rev. David P. Peterson is an LCMC ordained pastor and board-certified chaplain with over thirty years of experience in ministry to congregations and chaplaincy experience in hospitals, fire/EMS, police, and hospice. He is also president and publisher of Wave Dancer Media, LLC, sharing stories of resilient living.

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