John (Old Places, New Faces)

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Twelve studies that make Bible stories come alive for today's Christian.


by Kent Groethe

John is the fourth book in the Old Places, New Faces series. In this book Kent explores the profound metaphors of the Gospel of John. This study guide will make the story of Christ alive and relevant for today's readers.

John: List of sessions

1. Living with Lost Friends and Neighbors (The Other Side of the Jordan)
2. Living with the New Birth (Jerusalem at Night)
3. Living with Humility (Judean Countryside)
4. Living with Jesus' Love (Samaria)
5. Living with a Shepherd (The Sheep Pen)
6. Living with Death (Bethany)
7. Living with Instruction (The Upper Room)
8. Living with Denial (The Sea of Tiberias)
9. Living with a King (The Governor's Palace)
10. Living with Finished & Unfinished Business (Golgotha)
11. Living in the Light (The Empty Tomb)
12. Living with God in the Flesh (Behind Closed Doors)

(Soft cover; 124 pages)