I Am Jesus' Little Lamb

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I Am Jesus' Little Lamb

God's Promises of Baptism

by Laura Langhoff Arndt

Why give a card when you can give this beautiful and easy-to-read book as a baptism keepsake? This book describes baptism in words a child can understand and highlights God's promises and what they mean for those baptized. There is a place to add pictures and personal information. It is written in child friendly language and includes Bible verses and a section to help them understand baptism more as they grow. It's a great gift!

(full-color, paperback, 32 pages)

"A far cry from a signed certificate. What a great way to commemorate a baptism. It is not just a signature on a form, but an explanation of the significance and importance of having been baptized in a form kids will appreciate as they grow older." (Amazon Reviewer) 

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