Experiencing Real Living (Student Handbook)

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commandments3pic.jpgExperiencing Real Living (Student Handbook)

by Rev. Dr. Harley Schitt

The Rev. Dr. Harley Schmitt has put together a valuable resource for congregations in his series Experiencing Real Living. Each chapter guides the student in God's Word and nurtures key elements of faith. A picture diagram at the the beginning of each chapter (sample right) assists the student in "seeing" the topic clearly. The series can be used to cover the overarching biblical themes of creation, fall and redemption, or as a 12-week overview of the themes of the Catechism. It would serve especially well for leading an adult confirmation program. (The volume is spiral bound for ease in use.)


1: God Speaks
2: Creation
3: Our Sin
4: The Law (Ten Commandments)
5: Redemption (Jesus, the Savior and Redeemer)
6: Sanctification (The Holy Spirit)
7: The Sacrament of Holy Baptism
8: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
9: The Fruit of the Holy Spirit
10: The Sacrament of Holy Communion
11: My Response to Being Loved by God (Christian Life)
12: Experiencing Real Living (Eternity)

This series Experiencing Real Living is used to teach confirmation classes at Redeemer Lutheran (LCMC) in Fridley, Minnesota, recognized as a strong and active teaching congregation. The accompanying Teacher's Guide (HERE) provides background information and includes a computer CD with Power Point presentations for each lesson.