Examining Our Core Beliefs

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Examining Our Core Beliefs

by David Hagstrom

Recommendation from Mark Vander Tuig: "Three of the most important questions for Christians are these: Who are we? What do we believe? How can we tell someone else? This book is a tremendous resource for those people and those congregations who have decided it is time for the whole people of God to be able to answer the questions of our age."

The Rev. Dr. David Hagstrom is an evangelical Lutheran pastor dedicated to using his passion, gifts, and abilities to preach the Gospel — calling people to faith in Jesus and teaching the Scriptures so that they may learn and grow as Christian disciples. This book is intended to explain in straightforward terms the core of what we believe from a biblical, theological, historical, and confessional point of view.

A 30-page study guide is included in the back of the book.

Table of Contents:
1. God
2. Jesus
3. Sin
4. Salvation
5. The Bible
6. Sacraments
7. Holy Spirit
8. The Church
9. Christian Life
10. Last Things
Notes and Study Guide

(Softcover; 210 pages)