Crossways Series - PowerPoint

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Crossways ® (Original Series)

PPT Teaching Graphics: Electronic Download

This PowerPoint® presentation includes all the graphical elements for the complete Crossways® Series, including all six parts of the series. Ideal for self-study or as the centerpiece for a group study, the presentations include full-color teaching slides for all sixty sessions. Files are compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

The PowerPoint graphic slides are meant to be projected to overhead screens or displayed on computer monitors during classroom presentations. The sequence of slides show the symbol pictures from the student books, and give the presenter a step-by-step outline of the presentation for each lesson.

This is an electronic download, not a physical product. Customers who purchase this product will immediately be sent a link to download the zipped files directly from Sola Publishing. Be aware, these files are VERY large; it may take some time for the download to be completed.

Related to this study are the accompanying Student Manuals, Student Workbooks, Leader's Guide and DVD Video. 

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