Crossways - Section 1: Workbook

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Crossways ® Series - Section 1

Units 1-10: From Creation to the Transjordan
Student Workbook by Dr. Harry Wendt

The original Crossways® series is our most comprehensive course, designed for adults and mature youth who want to work through the Scriptures in detail. The series leads students on an unforgettable journey through all 66 books of the Bible, as well as the Apocrypha. The Crossways® series is usually taught over a two-year period, with 30 units studied each year. The course may be done as a whole, or individually in six sections of ten units each.

Like other works written by Dr. Harry Wendt, this study uses graphic illustrations to help students understand and remember important concepts and themes. The text is written with bulletpoint paragraphs to highlight key teachings.

To see a sample chapter, click HERE.  Participants also need the Student Manual that goes with this Workbook.

Crossways, Section 1 (Creation to the Transjordan):

Session 1: The Stage - The Story
Session 2: God's Book - God's Plan
Session 3: In the Beginning
Session 4: The Biblical Overture
Session 5: A People - A Mission
Session 6: The World of the Patriarchs
Session 7: The Exodus from Egypt
Session 8: The Covenant at Sinai
Session 9: The Law-Codes
Session 10: The Wilderness Wanderings

Soft cover, 8-1/2″ X 11″, 35 pages.

Related to this study are the accompanying Leader's Guide and DVD Video. 

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