By What Authority

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By What Authority?

Confronting Churches Who No Longer Believe Their Own Message  

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"...This is a book about the end of traditional Christianity as practiced in modern times. Not a futuristic end, but an end already accomplished, or partially accomplished in a majority of countries, cities and churches. Strange as it seems, many Christians haven't noticed. But others were so concerned they've gathered in these pages the wisdom of alert pastors, theologians, laity, young seminarians and evangelicals. They all have a story to tell you in their own voices. and it's a story so urgent and timely it opens your eyes in ways few might imagine. May you have "ears to hear" and mouths to proclaim the Way, the Truth, and the Life."  Hoffman House Press 2008, Softcover; 270 pages


"This well-organized but radical fringe has a goal...the ultimate demise of the church...all churches."
- Bill Boniface, Anglican Lay Leader - Hershey, PA

"...the church just jabbers on and on...unable to tell the difference between the new birth and yet another New Year's resolution."
- James Nestingen, Professor Emeritus, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN

"God is Santa Claus, God is Mother Earth - God is my homeboy. It's Grocery Cart Christianity..."
- Meredith Schultz, Purcellville, VA

(Soft cover; 288 pages)

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