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Sunday Schoolhouse - Bible Story Lesson Book
Red Year - Unit B3: New Testament

This electronic PDF subtitled "Stories from Jesus' Life" covers Bible stories from the New Testament Gospels. It contains reproducible sheets with seven sessions of Bible lesson, pictures, drama, and worksheets. 

To view the accompanying pdf version of the Teacher's Guide click HERE.

Lessons for this Unit:

Lesson 1)  John 1:19-34 - "John the Baptist Points to Jesus" (Preparedness)
Lesson 2)  Luke 10:38-41 - "Mary Listens to Jesus" (Priorities)
Lesson 3)  Luke 10:25-37 - "Parable of the Good Samaritan" (Compassion)
Lesson 4)  John 11:17-44 - "Lazarus is Raised from the Dead" (Confidence)
Lesson 5)  John 18:1-14 - "Judas Betrays Jesus in the Garden" (Betrayal)
Lesson 6)  Luke 23:32-43 - "The Thief Repents on the Cross" (Contrition)
Lesson 7)  Matthew 28:1-15 - "The Resurrection" (Fulfillment)