Advent Adventures Volume III: An Advent Mystery

Item # D-A403
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Advent Adventures Volume III: An Advent Mystery

by Paul C. Koch

A mystery story in Advent? Really? Clue me in!

Sola’s Advent Adventures takes a “novel” approach to the season by offering serialized fiction stories to be used by a congregation over the weeks of Advent. Written by Pastor Paul C. Koch, these books are intended as a resource for midweek Advent services, but they could also be used on Sunday mornings, with stories and reflections serving as the sermon for the day. 

Each chapter in the larger story has a suggested psalm and scripture lesson along with a sermon reflection for the week, tying the fictional story to God’s story, proclaiming the gospel to the congregation. A suggested order for an evening vespers service is also included.

(This four-part series is recommended for use in years when a church will hold four advent services prior to Christmas. Sola also has three-part series as well.)